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Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan. It is known for its ongoing erupting volcanoes, winter ski resorts, and Sapporo beer. Choosing the name Hokkaido (HK) meant that we will establish a place in which our patrons could drink and dine in atmosphere that’s trendy and energetic. They can also enjoy ordering a large variety of fresh sushi; or sit and be entertained with chefs that prepare steaks and seafood with high flames at our SMOKELESS teppanyaki grills.

HK’s growth and success will be owed all to its outstanding team of chefs, support staff and management. TEAM HK is the backbone of our organization; and working together as a team is necessary to deliver the ULTIMATE dining experience to all our guests. HK’s company vision is to provide an OVER-THE-TOP dining experience through AWESOME food, MOUTHWATERING libations and LEGENDARY service in a HIGH ENERGETIC atmosphere. Team HK can achieve this culture by delivering our ABSOLUTE BEST EFFORT to every guest, every time.

In order to prepare Team HK for this challenge; we must first treat one another like we will want to be treated ourselves. Then we must have a NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE; striving to be MORE THAN GREAT. We must believe in our own abilities and trust our team members’. The only way we can have that confidence is to part-take in ongoing training & development. WORKING HARD AND PLAYING EVEN HARDER is how we will build comrade. We must encourage, MOTIVATE, and genuinely be concerned for one another’s well-being. As we practice these beliefs, we’ll form a great bond that ERUPTS like a Hokkaido volcano and spills over into success.

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